Search Engine Marketing- Catch your customers as they look for your products or services

Search Engine Marketing is the practice of internet marketing which involves advertising or marketing of web site through different search engines, like Google Ad Words, MSN, Bing, and Microsoft ad Center or Yahoo. This type of internet marketing strategy promotes a website in order to increase their visibility in the result page of search engine through optimization and advertisement. Use of search engine optimization in Search engine marketing either helps to adjust or rewrite the content of the website, so that it can achieve higher ranking in results pages of search engine. This mode of advertising is growing at faster rate since 2006 compared to any traditional advertising method and succeed to surpass rest options for online marketing. 
Components of search engine: 
Search engine marketing employs the following components such as SEO, paid placement & paid inclusion and contextual advertising.

  • Organic search engine optimization: Organic search results are the Web pages rankingswhich a search engine returns during the search of a specific keyword. It is a technique that helps to maximize the ranking of your web page in natural search results.
  • Pay-per-click advertising:  In this case when you are placing Ads with a search engine like Yahoo or Google for your website, you need to bid an amount which you would like to pay-per-click. If there is an increment in number of bidding, the appearance of your ads in search engine result will increase. An additional cause has implemented by Google Ad words. According to it the rank of your Ads will depend on the relevancy that the Google will set for your site and manipulation is very difficult.
  • Pay For Inclusion (PFI) – In addition to search engines, there exists numerous directories on the web. These directories are either general in nature or may relate to specific topic. You can opt for enlisting session in some online directories at free of cost such as DMOZ. But, now the most of the directories are taking charge for listing.

Importance of Search Engine Marketing: Now a day the environment for business are continuously changing and becomes more and more competitive day by day. So almost all the business need own website and introduce search engine marketing as a part of business’s marketing and advertising strategy. Search engine marketing is the most effective way to attract the traffic to your website, and help to generate new customers and which in turn enhance the revenues for your home business. Search engine marketing is cost effective Compared to other marketing and advertising methods. Organic search rankings are available at free of cost. If you are able to rise up in the rankings your traffic will automatically increase and revenue of your business will also increase. You can also opt for Pay-per-click advertising. Although it is an inexpensive method, you can fix your payment limit for each day. You can introduce your business in free listings, or pay little charge which is around $30 per year.

Measure of SEM Effectiveness: your starting objectives will set the parameters to determine the effectiveness of the search engine marketing. If you are interested to increase the number of visitors for your Web site, you simply need to calculate and compare the statistics of your Web traffic before and after the implementation of search engine marketing.

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