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In Computer search module, this on-page optimization is the factors which in-builds a technical effect especially on your Website or on your Webpage that attach by course of natural status. If you do search, it has, obliviously, to come. The first and foremost occurrence of SEO functioning is On-page optimization. It is technically very soft to learn how to implement of the on-page optimization techniques. The vital importance to implement On-page optimization is to rank well in the process of search engine as well as to enhance the readability of your computer for your visitor.  
To get well versed service from your website, it is suggested to be aware of a few on-page optimization techniques and to be implemented suitably so that you will get a better exposure on your site and also will increase the overall CTR (click-through-rate) ratio.

Digital Marketing ,SEO Training in Delhi/NCR, India

01. Title Optimization  : A site’s title tag is the most important website optimization factor. It needs to be short but descriptive well so that your site visitors can identify you and your business status. In fact, Title tag is the first thing that is exhibited and indexed by search engines.

A) Your Name/ Business Name / Site Name / Keywords – suppose you deal in pizza – keyword needs be  Smart’s pizza                                                                                             b) Note to add  your 1-800 or other toll-free numbers: It also makes the site look professional and attractive in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 
02. Meta Tags Optimization: It is not AS important as it was before. Still Meta Description can’t be just ignored. It should contain a brief description of your website focusing on the areas and services. Just keep in mind to include a few important things in the title:

  • Include your Selling Point
  • Keywords – your keywords will surely GIVE SOME advantages in Google’s relevancy.
  • 1-800 or other Toll Free Numbers – if you haven’t included this already in your title

03) Keyword Optimization & Synonyms

IN ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION, SITE’S content needs to be optimized in such a way that can suit both search engines & readers ARE. Stuffing your site or page content with too many keywords can also make your site horrible and unreadable. So you have to keep a balance between your keywords & your content
Just keep in mind to include a few important things in keyword Optimization:

  • Research: you can add keyword research like seobook keyword suggestion tool, Google Adwords Keyword Tool & Overture Keyword Tool.
  • Synonyms & Related Keywords:  This helps to make the content sound natural but still helps in SEO.
  • Long Tail Keywords: It’s comparatively easier to rank for.
  • Keyword Density: Always use a moderate keyword density so that it can help the search engine to determine your page.

04) Important HTML Tags
It is truly necessary to highlight certain parts of your website that you want readers to be attracted. 
Header Elements:

  • Header 1: it should be used to define the most important section of your page
  • Text Styles:
  • It should be Bold to specifically mark certain words of high importance.
  • Italic: You can use the tag to emphasize certain words which will appear in italic.
  • Quote: This is too useful when quoting from someone
  • Header 2 & 3: These can be used for page/post titles or important sections of the pages.

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