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Off page optimization is the effective factor of search engine optimization that is of off-site. These are not covered up the site’s internal linking structure but it links the other factors that influences a website’s ranking on the SERP (search engine result page). These are mainly with site’s inbound and outbound linking techniques. 
Theoff page optimization generates back links for site. There are various measures to ensure that website gets proper attention with no negative remarks anywhere online.
To name a few link building, the following are.
One way links: – the links are from one site to other sites. this one-way links increase link popularity – the number of pages are getting linked to the site.
Theme relevance:  Google does not mark good rank only because of the amount of incoming links.  All relevant links those come from other sites are given weightage by Google and assist to bring more long-term success.
Quality: the quality of link referral to your site is also a very important feature in the way Google values the website. Crystal clear structures and user-friendly layout of the page are just a few points those need to be considered when selecting any partner site.
Link position: a link at the footer of a website is measured less by Google in compare to one that appears on the top or in the main content.
Link authority: the link partner’s appreciation should not be dependent solely on the page rank or on the themes relevance. the site’ authority assists in doing link assessment.  When Google marks a site high, it is the result of relevant and optimized content having existed on the website. as a result, links that are classified high are much better and thus help the link building process as well as the link building service provider.
Link age: this plays a vital role in maximizing your site. old links that exits long on your website are featured better by Google as compared to currently placed links.
Domain age: in the off page optimization, the age of the domain would also be assessed by Google. Domains that have been on for years and have contained high-quality content will be ranked high.
Article writing & submission – by writing general articles based on relevant business themes and submitting the same to various article directories are also accelerating to get one-way back-links for the website.
Blog postings – posting any corporate blog create a platform to attract a unique opportunity to have link with direct and unfiltered communication with your customers. it helps to gain a foothold in the huge online market.
Search engines submission & directories – this is an ongoing process of endorsing the site to paid and unpaid search engines as well as directories. as a result of submission, the site will get its back-links which will help in accelerating the rank of the site. 
the link building will start functioning with an analysis of keywords and would help you in getting more focused on Google.  To hire a link building service and to start the link building exercise are complicated process and aim to incorporate certain rules; hence it is to be carried out very carefully.
Social media optimization – it is really a matter of achievement in assisting you to devise interesting ways to show your presence on social media channels and thus help you to reach where your prospective customers are.

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