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jQuery is a free and an open source library of javascript. It is designed to simplify the procedure of HTML scripting and JavaScript library can run on any browser. The syntaxes of jQuery are designed specifically to make it simpler to navigate a web document, create animations, select DOM elements, handle events and develop and execute Ajax applications.

Our jQuery Training in Delhi provides a full grasp of the jQuery, including understanding of its finer aspects. Participants also get a chance to learn best-practice approaches to extend jQuery with conventional plugins and incorporate these extensions into applications.

During the training, developers also gain hands-on experience under the guidance of our subject experts. 

Our trainings are good for organisations that are interested in enhancing the skill-set of their employees to meet the needs of your work operation for now and in the future. Through the appropriate learning and execution, an organisation is able to recover the cost spend on the participant within 8-10 months of training. 
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Find below our Jquery,Ajax syllabus 

– Introduction of Jquery
– Document ready
– JS Debug
– Selectors
– Using text() html(), val() functions
– Creating login form validation in 3 ways : pop up
– Other validation method inside login
   Message show, Textfield highlight
– Jquery events
– addClass , removeClass
– append ,css ,create add more task
– fadeIn ,fadeOut
– fadeToggle
– show, hide
– Iterating Through Selected Elements Using .each()
– add atrribute ,remove attribute
– setTimeout ,redirect
– Create Image ,Frame show example
– click ‘more’ to expand all images example
– Introduction of Ajax
Submit form using jquery,ajax example
– Integrating loader image with above example
– Create Country State aplication using Jquery,Ajax and PHP,Mysql example
– Using Jquery UI : Tab
– Create Ajax Price filter application
– Email validation
– animate() function
– Serialize a form to a query string
– Textbox allow only numers
– Disable cut, copy & paste
– Jquery UI Effects ( shake,explode,slide )
– Introduction of JSON
– JSON Syntax Rules
– JSON Structure
– Creat a JSON file
– $.getJSON
– JSON usage with jquery Example

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