Internet Advertising- A cost effective method to boost your business

Internet advertising or online advertising provide platform to its consumers in order to promote themarketing messages via internet. This form of advertising includes social media marketingemail marketing, mobile advertising, search engine marketing and different types of display marketing such as web banner advertising. Internet advertising involves both publisher and advertiser like traditional advertising media. A publisher allows an advertiser to integrate his advertisements into the publisher’s content. Other financially sound participants appoints some advertising agencies or ad server or advertising affiliates who help the advertiser to generate and place the ad independently and keep the track records of the promotional work.

Internet advertising organization act as a connecting medium between the Internets venues into which ads are displayed and the advertisers. These internet venues promote online campaigns; sell it to the advertisers and after that deliver this ad to the site which will display the ads. When the users click the ads, the site owners get their loyalty payment and it is related to the rate of clicking the ads by the clients. The Internet advertising organization offers software tool to its clients so that they are competent to deliver their ads.  

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Types of Internet Advertising: There are various medium through which advertisers generate Internet advertising to the consumers with online marketing processes. Some of these are:

  • Face book Ads
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Banners ads
  • Pre-video ads
  • Blogging
  • Email advertising
  • Sponsored Tweets
  • Website Takeovers
  • Pop up ads
  • Adsense
  • You Tube Ads

Costs of internet Advertising:

There are different models available for internet marketing from which the advertiser choose that best suit with their business. The cost of internet advertising has classifieds into following three categories:
Pay Per Click or PPC– it is the most common and popular form of online advertising. It suits both parties. When someone clicks on the ad, advertisers make payment to the publisher, but they need not to complete purchase for the payment. If you choose this model it is highly important to take proper care of the target keywords are.
Cost per Action or CPA: in this model, all the risk lies with the publishers. The advertisers make payment when someone click and complete the entire transaction.

Cost per Mille or CPM: it is popularly known as Cost per Thousand which means, the mode of payment by the advertiser is related to the number of the exposure of the website to visitors and frequency to look at the ads

Important features of this internet advertising:

  • Research Purposes: Internet provides valuable information to your business and analysis of these data help your business to reach to reach higher position.  In addition to the online surveys, business uses conversion tracking tools to study potential behavior of the online customers. This tool allows a business to introduce a cookie on the computers of the users when they click on the ads. Studying a customer’s online behavior, a business modifies its strategies to reach recognizable position in the marketplace
  • Unique Marketing Arena: Internetadvertising acts as unique marketing arena that help a business to gain its brand credibility.
  • The Social Factor: It allows the users to rate its products and express their opinions honestly. Based on the consumers’ response unadulterated social networking sites such as Face book and MySpace were promoted which offer targeted advertising or advertising in the form of sponsorships.
  • Grassroots Involvement: Affiliate marketing involves consumers as affiliates and they work as commissioned salesmen and get paid a little portion of profits which is generated through the sales.
  • Adwords Campaigns: a businesses is allowed to create and implement advertising at lower rate by Google Adwords which is 25 cents and through the promotion of the add ,a business can reach the local, national or even international audience effectively.

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