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E mail marketing is the device or platform formed as a part of faithful adherence of the Internet marketing that comes as the vital portion of the sweeping change that the IT revolution has undergone. It encompasses in its ambit of brand marketing areas like research, product, internet, branding, strategy and advertising. The significance of Email marketing in the context of online marketing is that it directly disseminates commercial messages directly and pointedly either to a person or a target group of companies in no time.

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Going by the academic definition, Email marketing means any email sent across to a potential or current customer could be considered as Email marketing like sending ads, requesting business, solicit sales, making donations, etc. It primarily aims at building loyalty, brand awareness which forms the part of the essential brand building exercise. Usually companies execute email marketing based on the solid base of customer data or casual list based on which they will proceed with their marketing efforts. In fact, Email marketing is an image building or relationship boosting programme of a businessman or a company, through the viable and dynamic medium of internet to his existing customers, previous customers and the targeted group in order to encourage customer loyalty in his/her efforts towards brand building.

In his immediacy to sell off something, businessmen usually depend on Email marketing and the prime focus is to make deliberations on the multifarious features of his /her products to new or existing customers.

If we take the case of USA, one of the foremost user of email marketing strategy, researches pinpoint that there firms spent nearly US $1.51 billion on Email marketing in 2011 only to immensely grow in its use to $2.468 billion by 2016. Then comes the question regarding the types of marketing emails. Primarily there are two-transactional and direct.

First and foremost comes the Transactional emails including transactional messages like drop messages, purchase, order confirmation emails and email receipts.

Transactional email aims at disseminating information regarding the action that triggered it. It also helps company to present before them products and extend business relationship with customers. The company can also make genuine clarifications and answer questions regarding its products and services.

The fact that many email newsletter software vendors offer transactional email support underlines its importance. With the help of specialized transactional email marketing services, it becomes quite easy and feasible for companies to provide targeted and personalized transactional email messages and marketing campaigns to the targeted audience at large.

Next comes the second category of Email marketing -Direct email. It usually involves nothing but promotion of a product or service of a company. It can either a discount offer or a combo pack with a particular product or anything related therewith. Usually companies achieve this either wit the help of their own customer base or with the help of the rented list of customers or targeted clients from service companies.

Email marketing assumes significance for its immediate delivery of messages thus avoiding undue delay and lethargic process of tardy communication. Thus companies can know in exact measure how well they reach up to their clients or targeted audience allowing them to run their business in a smooth and coherent way. Moreover, it is considered to be the apt tracking measure to calculate returns on investment and most effective tool of internet marketing.

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