large corporation you are executive. Your task is to check whether all the employers have the required software’s and hardware’s they need for their job. Only providing them computer will not end the problem, we have to endow with the necessity software or software licenses for their work. So if you have a new hiring, you have to provide them same tools for work and need to check that the software license allow another user. So it would be a tiring task and you have to spend money for that.

So here is an alternative for that, that rather then installing new software’s for all computers you need to load only one application. With the help of this one application, all the users have to log in into a Web-based service which will host all the required programs which all the users need. Everything from word processing to e-mail and till complex data analysis programs will take part by another company who will own remote machines. This is known as cloud computing, which will help to change the entire computer industry.

We can also describe it as through internet, all the applications, services, computing resources are provided to end-user by cloud services provider. These cloud services are being offered in the form of SaaS( Software-as-a-service)  like SharePoint, Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

Cloud computing considerably modifies the way applications are managed, delivered and integrated. As if compared to traditional computing, this clod computing operates on a higher and larger scale, brings number of users for accessing services and application in a single cloud, and on the cloud service providers turns up with the inherent “light out” dependency.

For increased revenues and new channels for independent software vendors, telecoms, cloud computing is cost-effective and provides opportunities. Also the customers are offered with on-demand services where they can pay for what they are using and can amend resources with no long-term commitment.

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There are limitless applications of cloud computing. Normally computer runs many programs, which can be executed by cloud computing also. There are some reasons of why a person wants to rely on other computer systems to run their programs and storing data? Below are listed ones:

  • With this, one can easily access to their data, from anywhere and at any time. By linking the computer to internet, one can access the cloud computing system. The data would not be restricted on only one user computer.
  • It helps in bringing down the cost of hardware’s. On the client side, cloud computing will reduce the need of advanced hardware’s. Also user will not have any need to purchase costly computer with more RAM as cloud will help them in that. You can easily store all your information on the remote computer.
  • Also to the corporations, cloud computing provides a facility to access the computer applications. The companies have no need to buy the software or software license; just they need to pay the metered fee to a cloud computing company.

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