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Affiliate marketing employs a wide-spread strategy which is used in Internet marketing. In simple word, Affiliate marketing shows the way through which one can make money online. It is perfordmance based marketing. This type of business involves rewarding one or more affiliates if they are able to bring the visitors to promote their product, service or site depending on their own marketing efforts. The Affiliate Marketing industry involves four core players which are seller or merchant, affiliate network, publisher or ‘the affiliate’, and customer or buyer. The merchant is popularly known as ‘brand” or “retailer” and network refers to that, which represents the offers to the affiliate to make their choice and arrange and look after the entire payment process. As the market is growing in complexity, it has further introduced players of secondary tier which may be super-affiliates, agencies associate with affiliate management service, and third party vendor specialized in affiliate management.

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Affiliate marketing idea was first introduced by William J. Tobin based on the Prodigy Network and continuing successfully for long period of time. It remains successful and increasing growth over the years as it is a reliable medium of making money through online. In Affiliate marketing, if the  affiliates are  successful to bring the potential clients to the merchant’s website so that the clients can view the products, sales page and impressed enough with the product and service  and may opt for this instantly or near future, then they are offered reward for their marketing efforts by the merchant.

The Affiliate marketing is nothing but the act of selling product based on commission and if affiliates do it properly, the amount of rewards may be huge and this type of work can be done from home. This marketing method is incredibly efficient and cost-effective. The companies who started affiliates marketing, just after the introduction of e-commerce, were able to make superb impact on the online marketing scenario. Now it is the part of the marketing strategy for the most companies to appoint affiliates to promote their product or services. Because, the affiliates offers online channels which are very attractive and accomplished with accountability and complete precision.
There are wide varieties of Affiliate organizations that include organizations and businesses, networks, individuals, third-party vendors, management companies and many other affiliates that help in promotion of services and products for their partners. Affiliate marketing is one of the most excellent systems where you need to carry stock, touch a product, or make arrangement for deliveries. If the customers purchase any service or products, the affiliates get payment.

The affiliate marketing is not a difficult work, but the marketer need to understand clearly what they aim to achieve. It is definitely a good medium through which you can potentially build your business and can be a full-time job. You can become an affiliate of third party companies without any investment. Because the main objective of any affiliate is to either sell or earn leads for the product or service offered by the retailers. This form of marketing is attractive and quite easy as you conduct it from home, many people are engaging in to this business day by day and therefore it becomes very competitive.

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