HTML5, CSS3 Training in Delhi/NCR, India

HTML5 is the fifth version of the HTML standard and is a W3C recommended. It is used worldwide to improve the support for the multimedia on the websites while keeping it fairly easy to read by humans and understood by computers. Developers use cleaner, neater HTML 5 code to give a better finish to their websites. HTML5 element also increases the semantic value of a website and gives the option of designing fancier forms to the designers.

We offer HTML 5 Training in Delhi for beginners and advance learners. Our training provides knowledge and hands-on practice to web designers to build, launch and manage professional web sites using HTML5. We also cover varied platforms including iPhones, Android Phones and WebOS Phones to allow mobile web developers to learn website creation that surpasses desktop equivalents.

This program assists beginners and advanced users by allowing them to learn a skill through participation in the live projects rather than by only attending classes. We also provide placement services to the students who complete our courses with distinction.

HTML5 and CSS3 Training Course Syllabus of

Introduction of HTML5
– Overview of HTML5 New Features
– Background and purpose of HTML5
– The W3C and WHATWG specifications
– Feature detection using Modernizr
– HTML5 examples
Creating HTML5 Pages
– HTML5 Semantic Tags
– Custom Data Attributes (data-*)
– Form handling
– The Selector API
– Accessibility and Aria
Layout and Design with CSS3
– Setting out with CSS3
– Controlling Page Layout
– Backgrounds, borders, colours, and text
– CSS3 Selectors
– Using Web Fonts
– Media queries
CSS3 Transformations and Animations
– Transitions
– Transformations
– Key-frame Animations
HTML 5 Web Storage API
– Overview of HTML5 Web Storage
– Understanding the Web Storage API
– Listening for storage events
– Working Offline / Asynchronously
– Geolocation
– HTML5 and Graphics
– Introduction to Canvas
– Using canvas
– Using SVG
Web Workers
– Overview of Web Workers
– Using the Web Workers API
– Examples
HTML5 Audio & Video
– Overview of HTML5 rich media
– Playing video files
– Playing audio files
HTML5 File-Handling Methods
– Drag-and-drop
– HTML5 databases

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